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Signing up for a shambala reiki session with Mark is a real treat indeed. Mark effortlessly manages to combine the mystical and spiritual with good sense coaching, advice and suggestions to take home. This is indeed a whole istic experience and healing and i will be back for more. Thank you Mark Jaz Goven, Thailand.

The Reiki course I took with Mark was much more than a Reiki course, likewise the Shamballa energy is much more than an energy healing modality. The two and a half days I spend with Mark and my classmate was a real involved spiritual process, it felt like an odyssey. Mark is a fantastic teacher, I could feel his gentle energy as soon as I met him, and he was easy to talk with and get along with. There was such an underlying levity and friendly atmosphere that nothing felt heavy or like hard work, despite how deep and profound we went. Mark is a coach as well as Reiki Master and he was fantastic at creating a safe, relaxed space for us to share, discuss and process whatever was coming up even if it did not have much to do with our course, and still Mark is full of great insights such that I was surprised. The deep listening and deep sharing that occurred at a leisurely pace was beautiful. Mark has a in depth relationship with Reiki and a zeal for other spiritual ideas and practices that I have seen with few others, it is very alive and real with him, it is because of this connection that he can impart this to you and so inspire you. The meditations we did seemed really important, and it felt like they instilled great things into my being. The venue was lovely with a beautiful view and the lunch we were treated to was probably some of the best food I've eaten in Thailand. The course was very profound, powerful, and I feel it was transformational for me. Jason, USA

Having a healing session with Mark is truly a wonderful experience, I thought I knew what kindness was, I didn’t. I had truly never felt this purity of kindness until I felt it during treatments with Mark. I had a number of health and spirit issues - a couple being depression and major dental work. Mark’s combination of Shamballa Reiki with Craniosacral Therapy is remarkable and he is so in tune with what my body and spirit needed. So now jaw fixed and off medications for depression with (I want to say) cleanliness of spirit - I move into life with a lighter and more loving heart. Mark helped me realign not just my body but mind and most importantly for me – my spirit. Words don’t fully express my gratitude for what you have given me Mark but for now let me say I’m thankful beyond words that I met you. JOY! Tess, Australia.

There truly are no words to describe how powerful Mark's Reiki healing in Thailand has been for me. Throughout the time I spent with him, I felt a dramatic, positive change in my life and it continues every day. Mark made me feel extremely comfortable from the moment we met. He is very professional yet shows love and deep compassion in all that he does. I honestly believe that connecting through Mark's Reiki courses would enhance anyone's life no matter what their personal beliefs or background maybe. Thank you Mark for the love and light. Codi Kissick, Canada.

My friend says that the universe conspires to give you what you need and that definitely worked this time for me. It was great meeting you, Mark. My back and hips feel all loose and relaxed, and I feel grounded in myself in a way I haven't felt in a while. Thank you for sharing so much time with me. Lee, Canada.

It was an amazing experience. I felt very safe and secure surrendering myself to two days of intense experience with Mark. It was intense but felt effortless. I felt listened to and feel empowered to take charge of my life without being bitter about my past experiences. I have tools which I can share both with myself and others to create equilibrium and compassion. Thanks for enabling me to rediscover myself and much more :) Madhu Malhotra, India.

Mark is a filled with knowledge and wisdom that he's harvested from his own experience which is the best kind. He doesn't just talk about Reiki, he seems to live it. Because of his big heart and authentic, humble nature, it is a joy to be in is presence. He is also very intuitive. I felt at ease and trusted him right away. He is a great teacher and is very generous with his time and energy. In the Reiki workshop I learned invaluable healing techniques that I'll use for a lifetime. The meditations and Reiki session I received from Mark were really powerful. I could feel them creating shifts within me on so many levels. I am so grateful to Mark for what he taught me and for being such a great example to others in the world. Jennifer Smith, USA.

I saw you for a reiki session in Pai at the end of March Thank you so much it was a (I'm not really sure which word to use) amazing/enlightening experience and so much more! Cassie Gallagher, UK.

The results from my three sessions with Mark were truly miraculous. Chronic discomfort in my left hip joint as well as my left ankle disappeared after the second session. Mark's caring personality shines through during every moment of a session. He is definitely gifted at what he does through different modalities of energy work. My only regret is that I'm leaving Pai and can no longer benefit from Mark's wonderful work. Paula, Pai & Woodstock, NY, USA.

During Mark's session my body felt very heavy and relaxed. I could feel every flow of energy between Mark's hands and the part of my body he was working on. I loved it when he ended the session with something like "May the healing work according to Lisa's wishes/will until tonight. Tomorrow morning Lisa will be feeling great." The same night I had a revelation in my creative work, something I was trying to solve for months. I am a writer, and that night I saw my story with a new light. So of course I slept very welll and felt AMAZING the next morning. At breakfast I was sharing my experience with all my friends. So thank you Mark and BLESS YOU! Lisa, France.

I feel blessed to have met you, Mark. I have so much gratitude for sharing your energy and wisdom yesterday. I feel light and back in balance again with my relationships. I am strapped for time for another session this morning but I know we will cross paths again as we weave through our spiritual pilgrimage. Thank you and much love. Hang, Vietnam.

I lost your card, but wanted to email and thank you again for the session on Saturday. It was really powerful and has given me some space in my throat, and an even better vision for some of the healing I want to do. You have developed a beautiful way of extending your energy, and healing! I went back to work today and it seemed easier to say what I wanted with more clarity and ease:) I will definitely come see you when I am in Pai next time. Thank you:) Sarah, USA.

I finally had the privilege of learning from Mark after missing a chance to do so back in January. The timing was just right, and I'm ever grateful for the depth of Mark's teachings, his openness and his warmth throughout our time together. Mark's knowledge of Shamballa is in-depth, and he paced the programme according to the needs of all present. To say that Mark is a powerful healer and teacher is to put it lightly. He certainly is one of the key figures who'd helped made Shamballa real for me. I know Shamballa has opened a valuable door for me, and would continue to do so in my life moving forward. A big thank you to you, Mark, for the wonderful person, healer and teacher you are! Matilda, Singapore.

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