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About Us #01

The Magic of Pai

Mark Allison has been conducting Reiki courses and treatments in Thailand and around the world since he qualified as a Reiki Master in October 2009. He is also a certified Coach, who helps clients all over the world access their inspiration and connect with their life purpose.

In September 2015, Mark also qualified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. He uses this powerful technique to facilitate tangible shifts towards greater physical health and wellbeing for his clients.

Mark first arrived in Pai in November 2008 with his partner, Anon Rakkaew. Intending to stay for just one night, they fell in love with the town and started to run a restaurant there.

This fitted well for Anon who is a professional chef, but was a new experience for Mark who had previously worked for over ten years as a researcher for an international human rights organization.

Living in Pai brought Mark into contact with his Reiki teacher, Judith Ahnika Paul. With his analytical background, Mark felt some skepticism at first. However, by learning to quieten his 'monkey mind', he soon discovered an energetic alignment through Reiki, that felt new, powerful and exciting.

Learning Craniosacral Therapy with its focus on physical anatomy as well as intuitive healing helped to build a greater sense of alignment between left and right brain approaches to health. Mark is able to advise on the potential benefits of Reiki or Craniosacral Therapy (or a combination of the two) depending on the needs of individual clients.

About Us #02

Sharing the benefits of Reiki worldwide

Mark's experience with Reiki has had a transformative effect, helping to heal the adverse effects of human rights work, including the cumulative impact of working on a daily basis with individuals in distress.

The energy also increased Mark's awareness of synchronicity in his life, balancing 'left' and 'right brain' functions and strengthening his trust in his inner guidance and intuition.

Mark has also gained important insights into how his own background attracted him towards a career in human rights work.

He is currently researching how the 'negative energy' associated with human rights violations contributes to high levels of stress as it is transferred among different actors within the human rights community.

Mark and Anon have set up the Om Garden Holistic Centre in Pai to pass on the benefits of Reiki to others. Previous clients have come with diverse backgrounds from all parts of the world.

They include business people, social workers, school teachers, students, lawyers, scientists and psychologists. Many have found that Reiki has helped them to overcome significant blocks in their lives relating to career, relationships or emotional problems.

Mark was born in the UK but has lived and worked in Asia for 15 years as a human rights researcher, business owner and coach.

He holds a Cerficate in Leadership Coaching from Lee Heiss Coaching in Singapore and a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from the Coaching Academy in London. He qualified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist after following a 2-year diploma training with Body Intelligence.

Mark has also conducted Reiki treatments and courses and life coaching programs in Hong Kong and Europe. While courses are conducted in English, he is also able to provide supplementary guidance in French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Thai.

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